Podcast Episode 7: Train Wrecks


And we’re back from hiatus! Welcome to episode seven¬†of Stage Savvy: The Podcast, hosted by Angie Fiedler Sutton and Jen Morris.

This show clocks in at just a little over 33 minutes.This episode was about performance train wrecks, with guest Rich Sutton (yes, my husband). Feel free to share your own stories of train wrecks either as comments on this blog or by calling the number below if you want it on an episode of Stage Savvy: The Podcast. It starts off a little soft, but the volume does get better.

Show notes:

  • The show was recorded at the incredibly awesome studios at KKFI 90.1 FM Community Radio. If you don’t already listen to them, please do so.
  • Theme music is “A Variation of I Got Rhythm”, written and performed specifically for the podcast by Jason Bauer
  • We started with an excerpt from my interview with Ron Megee, for the October KC Stage spotlight. The final article will be available online here in a week or so.
  • Bumper by Philip blue owl Hooser, promoting his “Eat Their Words” production – if you haven’t attended, this is a hoot
  • We asked for feedback – please feel free to comment on this blog entry, e-mail afiedler@kcstage.com, or call 816-23-STAGE (keep in mind your voice mail may go up on a later podcast)
    • Speaking of feedback, we responded to a comment we got on episode 6 regarding subscribing by iTunes
  • We ended with the song “Special Kind of Blue”, from Erik Karlsson. You can find more information about him, including where you can buy his albums and the ability to download this song, on his website.
  • The podcast is released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-alike license.

So, let’s dim the lights and start the show!¬†Listen to Stage Savvy, episode 7:

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