Podcast Episode 14: Accents with Andy Garrison

This episode of Stage Savvy is all about accents for the stage, with Andy Garrison of the Actor Training Studio.

Podcast Episode 13: Eric Magnus

This episode is an interview with actor, writer, teacher, and artistic director of The Barn Players, Eric Magnus.

Podcast Episode 12: Auditions

This episode is about auditions: the process and what goes on during one.

Podcast Episode 11: Chuck Smith

In this episode, we are joined by Jen’s husband, Chuck Smith, who talks about his life as a visual artist and musician.

Podcast Episode 10: Art Suskin

In this episode, we talk with Art Suskin, the artistic director of The Theatre Gym.

Podcast Episode 9: Dietz & Durang

We cover our favorite playwrights in this episode of Stage Savvy.

Podcast Episode 8: Who Are These People?

We let you know a little bit about our hosts in this episode of Stage Savvy.