G33K Out: Roundtable – Star Wars Fandom

There’s been a lot of hubub about the toxicity of the ‘Star Wars’ fandom. So, I got together with some women to discuss the female perspective on the issue.

Geek Out episode 34: The Man Who Unlocked the Universe red carpet

G33K Out: ‘The Man Who Unlocked the Universe’ Red Carpet

I talked to some of the people involved in the short film “The Man Who Unlocked the Universe”.

G33K Out: ‘Sense8’ Finale Red Carpet

I interviewed some of the cast of ‘Sense8’ on the eve of the release of the series finale.

G33K Out, episode 32

G33K Out: Filker Tom Smith

If you know what filk music is, you’ve probably heard of Tom Smith. We talk about filking, how he deals with the world today, and his process.

poster for 'The Man Who Unlocked the Universe'

The Man Who Unlocked the Universe Red Carpet

I talked to some of the people involved in the short film “The Man Who Unlocked the Universe”.

Nerdist Industries logo

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good Gatekeeping Nerdist Internship Interview

In 2013, I had an interview for an internship at Nerdist. It did not go well. I finally open up about it.

G33K Out, episode 31

G33K Out: Geek Girls Part 1 – Supriya Limaye

The first in a series on women in the geek world, I interviewed Supriya Limaye back in 2014.

G33K Out: Gallifrey One 2018

In February, I attended the ‘Doctor Who’ convention Gallifrey One for the first time. I had some thoughts.

A Noise Within Theatre Review

Theatre Review: ‘Noises Off’ Sings

This production of ‘Noises Off’ is damn near perfect.

Film Review: The ‘Ghost’ of Theatre

‘Ghost Stories’ is a good movie, but was probably a great theatre show.

G33K Out: ‘Living Among Us’ Red Carpet

I attended the red carpet for the vampire horror movie ‘Living Among Us’.

G33K Out: Author Kevin J. Anderson

Last April, I interviewed author Kevin J. Anderson about his writing, both his original work and his forays into established universes.

Theatre Review: ‘Under Cover’ Is More than Just Music

This evening of songs by some of the actors in the Thrilling Adventure Hour was a night to remember.

G33K Out: 2017 Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con

I cover 2017’s Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con.

5 Fun (or Geeky) Takes on “12 Days of Christmas”

Have some fun this holiday season with these various versions of the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.

G33K Out: Author Nancy Kress

Back in April, I did a phone interview with science fiction author Nancy Kress, where we talk about her writing process, the difference between science fiction and fantasy, and how being a writer has changed (and stayed the same) over the years.

Film Review: ‘The Shape of Water’ is Incandescent

The latest movie from Guillermo del Toro is a work of art.

Podcast Review: Ending the ‘Dinner Party’

In honor of its ending, I review the cultural arts podcast ‘The Dinner Party Download’.

Film Review: This ‘Circle’ is More Bronze

This ‘Kingsman’ sequel is more of the same – in the best way possible.

Two More Days for SF&F Film Festival

Filmmakers — the deadline for the 13th Annual Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival is nigh!

G33K Out: Extraordinary: Stan Lee Red Carpet

Listen to some of the celebrities that honored Stan Lee in August talk about the importance of him and of comics.

‘Night Vale’ Brand Expands with Two New Shows

More podcasts (and news about existing ones) from the creators of ‘Welcome to Night Vale’.

‘Ghost Stories’ to Premiere at BFI Film Festival in October

The movie based on the hit British theatre show will be terrorizing London in October.

The Power of Theatre

The theatre has been a huge part of my life. Recently, I had a moment to remember how powerful it can be.

My ‘Citizen Kane’ List — Round 1

We all know them: movies that we may not have seen but are so part of the cultural landscape that you might as well have. Here are five ones I have on my list.

Press Release Tips

One of my old Stage Savvy columns, this gives some basic tips on how to write a press release.

The Art of Publicity

One of my old Stage Savvy columns, this gives the basic 411 on what someone does in publicity.

Still from 'Batman and Harley Quinn'.

Original Animated ‘Batman and Harley Quinn’ Coming to Cinemas Monday

Get ready for another animated adventure of Batman on the big screen.

Image from "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan".

‘Wrath of Khan’ Returns to Cinemas

Khan has his revenge again on the big screen 35 years later, thanks to Fathom Events.

G33K Out: 2017 LA Times Festival of Books

Here are seven interviews from people I met at the 2017 LA Times Festival of Books.

TV Review: Time is Relative in ‘Genius’

National Geographic’s first scripted show delves into the life of Albert Einstein.

G33K Out: 2014 LA Times Festival of Books: Stephen Tobolowsky

You may know him from … Back in 2014, I interviewed character actor Stephen Tobolowsky during the LA Times Festival of Books.

Welcome to Night Vale Book Title & Release Date Announced

Be prepared to be devoured by Night Vale.

G33K Out: The 2017 Writers of the Future Awards

I got to talk to some of the judges and contestants at the 2017 Writers of the Future Awards.

Dragon-Themed Writers and Illustrators of the Future Award April 2

Get ready for a dragon of a time at this year’s Writers and Illustrators of the Future Awards.

‘Doctor Who’ Series 10 Premiere in Cinemas

The first episode of the 10th series of ‘Doctor Who’ is coming to a cinema near you.

RiffTrax Live’s Next Show — ‘Samurai Cop’ — in April

The first RiffTrax Live for 2017 is the 90s action film ‘Samurai Cop’.

G33K Out: ‘Logan’ Composer Marco Beltrami

I talk to the composer of ‘Logan’, Marco Beltrami.

Podcast Review: ‘Fish’ is the Ultimate Edutainment Experience

Learn odd new facts with this podcast from the researchers behind the quiz show QI.

New(ish) John Williams CD Release

Sony Classical set to release ‘John Williams & Steven Spielberg: The Ultimate Collection’ on March 17.

MST3K to Partner with Dark Horse Comics

In the Not-Too-Distant Future, Dark Horse Reveals a Partnership With ‘MST3K’.

BBC iPlayer Goes Vegan with Futuristic ‘Carnage’

Simon Amstell has created a futuristic film about veganism.

Cinecast Review: Pledge Your ‘Allegiance’

This musical about the Japanese American internment during World War II is one that has resonance today.

What I Had Hoped to Get from ‘Sherlock’

All fans have expectations. Here are some of the things (silly and more serious) I had hoped we would see in ‘Sherlock’.

G33K Out: WonderCon 2016 – Streaming Success Panel

I talked to some of the panelists of “Streaming Success” at WonderCon 2016 about some of the behind the scenes elements.

My ‘To Be Read’ Pile — 2017 Edition

My pile of things I want to read is not getting any smaller. Here’s a small batch of what I hope to read in 2017.

TV Review: ‘Problem’ is Aptly Named

The last episode of series 4 of ‘Sherlock’ (and maybe the show overall) was not a masterpiece. (SPOILERS)

Film Review: ‘Dreaming Purple Neon’ is Delightfully Awful

This film echoes the best (or is it the worst?) of Troma-style horror.

‘Man at Arms’ Coming to the El Rey Network

Geeky weapons become real on ‘Man at Arms’ – and is coming to the El Rey Network.

Prepare for Takeoff: BBC Radio 4 Rebroadcasts ‘Cabin Pressure’

The brilliant radio sitcom ‘Cabin Pressure’ is currently being rebroadcast on BBC Radio 4.

G33K Out: WonderCon 2016 – High Scorers Panel

I had the chance to interview some video game music composers at the 2016 WonderCon.

‘Quantum Leap’ DVD/Blu-ray Release

Oh, boy! ‘Quantum Leap’ is set for a new re-release on DVD and a brand new release on Blu-ray.

TV Review: This ‘Detective’ Isn’t the Only Liar

The second episode of the fourth series of ‘Sherlock’ is on the surface excellent television. Is it just a lie? (SPOILERS AND SPECULATION)

Classic Movies Coming Back to the Big Screen

Film buffs are going to have a pretty decent 2017, with the return of 14 movies to the big screen.

TV Review: Looking back at ‘Leverage’ – Let’s Go Steal Us a TV Show

Let’s go steal us a fandom. I revisit the television show ‘Leverage’.

TV Review: ‘Six Thatchers’ Needs a Deeper Look

“Sherlock” returns, with an episode that (hopefully) isn’t all that it seems. (SPOILERS & SPECULATION)

Jet Propulsion Laboratory Celebrates 80 Years with Free 2017 Calendar

Bring in the new year with a space calendar celebrating JPL’s 80th anniversary.

‘Princess Mononoke’ Screens In Theatres for 20th Anniversary

Return to the forest with the 20th anniversary of ‘Princess Mononoke’.

Extra, Extra: Disney’s ‘Newsies’ to Screen in Theaters

You, too, can seize the day as the Broadway show hits movie theatres in February.

BBC Radio 4 Gives us ‘Stardust’ for Christmas

BBC Radio 4 continues its excellent adaptations with a production of Neil Gaiman’s ‘Stardust’.

G33K Out: Cinematographer Jimmy Matlosz

In this episode of G33K Out, I interview cinematographer Jimmy Matlosz.

The Darkness is Coming: ‘Sherlock’ Series 4 Screening and Trailer

Are we ready for what may be the last series of ‘Sherlock’?

An Open Letter to Stephen Colbert

Dear Stephen. Remember what it’s like to be a fan the next time you bring up fan-related items, please.

Cinecast Review: ‘She Loves Me’ is a Sweet Distraction

Don’t expect much, and you’ll enjoy this musical romcom.

Film Review: ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Is the Hufflepuffiest Movie

The latest foray into Rowling’s wizarding world is very much a movie about (and for) Hufflepuffs.

TV Review: This ‘StartUp’ Doesn’t Quite Have the ROI

I valuate the latest original series on Crackle, a gritty take on startups in the crooked world of Miami.

‘Dirk Gently’ Renewed for Second Season

The weirdness will continue for a second season.

15th Anniversary Screening of ‘Spirited Away’

Venture into the spirit world for the 15th anniversary of ‘Spirited Away’.

Film Review: ‘Strange’ Is Predictable Fun

‘Doctor Strange’ isn’t perfect, but it’s still an entertaining addition to the MCU.

Cinecast Review: Who is the Monster and Who is the Man?

This theatrical production of ‘Frankenstein’ is a sad example of the hubris of man.

Theatre Review: What’s Past is Prologue In this ‘Tempest’

This science fiction take on ‘The Tempest’ crosses over into the forbidden zone.

Listen to ‘The Shining’ – The Opera

You can listen to an opera adaptation of ‘The Shining’ – but not for long.

Doctor Who Experience to Close in Cardiff

Unless a Time Lord says otherwise, the Doctor Who Experience will be closing its doors next summer.

Theatre Review: ‘Siamese Sex Show’ Oddly Charming

This hip hop/pop musical is a delightful exploration of pop music, superheroes, and intimacy.

G33K Out: This Red Carpet Was ‘Unbelievable!!!!!’

I had the opportunity to interview several of the cast and crew of both “Unbelievable!!!!!” as well as the Star Trek universe.

G33K Out: PaleyFest 2016, part 3 — ‘Ash Vs Evil Dead’ Red Carpet

In the final round this year’s PaleyFest fall TV previews, I attended the red carpet for ‘Ash Vs Evil Dead’ for interviews. Yes – I got to talk to Bruce Campbell.

G33K Out: PaleyFest 2016, part 2 – ‘From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series’ Red Carpet

In round two of this year’s PaleyFest fall TV previews, I attend the red carpet for ‘From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series’ for interviews.

G33K Out: PaleyFest 2016, part 1 – ‘Son of Zorn’ and ‘The Exorcist’ Review

I do a mini-review of the first episodes of ‘Son of Zorn’ and ‘The Exorcist’ in a special video version of G33K Out.

Theatre Review: Fandom Finds its Song

It’s a fine life, carrying the banner – but can a fan of the original movie enjoy the Broadway version of “Newsies”?

Cinecast Review: The True Power of the Queen

The story of Queen Elizabeth, as told through her weekly audience with the current Prime Minister, is brilliant in every aspect.