‘Doctor Who’ Series 10 Premiere in Cinemas

The first episode of the 10th series of ‘Doctor Who’ is coming to a cinema near you.

RiffTrax Live’s Next Show — ‘Samurai Cop’ — in April

The first RiffTrax Live for 2017 is the 90s action film ‘Samurai Cop’.

New(ish) John Williams CD Release

Sony Classical set to release ‘John Williams & Steven Spielberg: The Ultimate Collection’ on March 17.

MST3K to Partner with Dark Horse Comics

In the Not-Too-Distant Future, Dark Horse Reveals a Partnership With ‘MST3K’.

BBC iPlayer Goes Vegan with Futuristic ‘Carnage’

Simon Amstell has created a futuristic film about veganism.

‘Man at Arms’ Coming to the El Rey Network

Geeky weapons become real on ‘Man at Arms’ – and is coming to the El Rey Network.

Prepare for Takeoff: BBC Radio 4 Rebroadcasts ‘Cabin Pressure’

The brilliant radio sitcom ‘Cabin Pressure’ is currently being rebroadcast on BBC Radio 4.