Welcome to Night Vale Book Title & Release Date Announced

Be prepared to be devoured by Night Vale.

Dragon-Themed Writers and Illustrators of the Future Award April 2

Get ready for a dragon of a time at this year’s Writers and Illustrators of the Future Awards.

‘Doctor Who’ Series 10 Premiere in Cinemas

The first episode of the 10th series of ‘Doctor Who’ is coming to a cinema near you.

RiffTrax Live’s Next Show — ‘Samurai Cop’ — in April

The first RiffTrax Live for 2017 is the 90s action film ‘Samurai Cop’.

New(ish) John Williams CD Release

Sony Classical set to release ‘John Williams & Steven Spielberg: The Ultimate Collection’ on March 17.

MST3K to Partner with Dark Horse Comics

In the Not-Too-Distant Future, Dark Horse Reveals a Partnership With ‘MST3K’.