Podcast Episode 6: Reviewing


Welcome to episode six of Stage Savvy: The Podcast, hosted by Angie Fiedler Sutton and Jen Morris.

This show clocks in at a little over 33 minutes. We changed our format, and decided we’d start focusing on only one topic each episode. So, this episode was about reviewing, the history of the review system on KC Stage‘s website, how to review a production online, what to keep in mind when reviewing, and how to make your voice unique. Head’s up that I talked a lot during this one.

Show notes:

  • The show was recorded at the incredibly awesome studios at KKFI 90.1 FM Community Radio. If you don’t already listen to them, please do so.
  • Theme music is “A Variation of I Got Rhythm”, written and performed specifically for the podcast by Jason Bauer
  • You can read my article (written under my then-reviewer name TheatreDiva) from the September 2006 issue of KC Stage, “Fringe Review: 720 Minutes of Shows”, which details my experience of reviewing shows for that year’s Fringe Festival over on the KC Stage website (and for the record, I did 16 shows in three days — still quite a lot!). (Link no longer available, although I may post the article here some day.)
  • I mentioned the NEA Arts Journalism Institute I attended last year.
    • I talked about our writing groups, and stated that mine was run by Jeff Weinstein — while Jeff was part of the Institute, I guess my memory isn’t what it used to be: it was Howie Shapiro who was my group’s guide in two of the three writing sessions we had — sorry, Howie!
  • I mentioned that I’ve reviewed about 10 or 12 shows since the beginning of the year: I did a count, and I’ve reviewed 9 so far (not including the movie reviews I’ve started doing on my non-theatre blog).
  • I referenced my earlier blog post-turned article “How to Write a Review Online”, which was printed in the September 2010 issue of KC Stage. 
  • I said I’d link to all my KC Stage reviews; if you want to see all the theatre reviews on this blog, go here.
  • The bumper is by Jeff Church, the producing artistic director at the Coterie Theatre.
  • We asked for feedback — please feel free to comment on this blog entry, e-mail me, or call 816-23-STAGE (keep in mind your voice mail may go up on a later podcast).
  • We ended on the song “True Believers”, written and performed by Kaye Johnston.
  • The podcast is released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-alike license.

So, let’s dim the lights and start the show! Listen to Stage Savvy, episode 6:

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  • Can you subscribe to the podcast in iTunes?

    • Billy,

      Not at this time, but the goal is to move over that if we feel we’ll still continue it after a few more episodes. Thanks for listening!