Press Release Tips

One of my old Stage Savvy columns, this gives some basic tips on how to write a press release.

The Art of Publicity

One of my old Stage Savvy columns, this gives the basic 411 on what someone does in publicity.

Book Review: Breaking Rules Heartily Recommended

This management book, despite being published in 1999, is still highly relevant and worth reading.

Hacking Your Life: Organization Tips

Keeping organized can be simple, if you just follow some basic steps.

How Do You Become a Director?

While I haven’t directed a lot, apparently I’ve directed enough for people to ask me how to become one.

Podcast Episode 6: Reviewing

We switch to single topics on this episode of Stage Savvy, covering reviewing.

Intro to Podcasting, Part 3: Podcast Recommendations

In my part 3 of ‘Intro to Podcasts’, I give you some recommendations.