Image from "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan".

‘Wrath of Khan’ Returns to Cinemas


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It’s been 35 years since William Shatner shouted “KHAN!” on the big screen. And in honor of that, Fathom Events is showing the movie in cinemas for two days in September.

Released in June of 1982, Khan was not only a sequel to the first Star Trek movie, but also a sequel to the episode “Space Seed” from the first season of the original television series.

According to IMDB, producer Harve Bennett thought that one of the main issues with the first Star Trek movie was the lack of a good villain, and viewed all the episodes and decided “Space Seed” was the best candidate for a sequel. That same trivia states that this is the first time a movie was made as a sequel to a specific episode.

The plot, for those few people who may be unaware, brings back Khan Noonien Singh (Ricardo Montalban), determined to wreak revenge on Captain Kirk (William Shatner) and his crew for stranding him on that planet so many years ago. His plan involves the use of the Genesis Device as a weapon, which is also part of his revenge. It changes everything for the crew, and ends with the heroic sacrifice of Spock (Leonard Nimoy) that was originally intended for Nimoy’s last time as the Vulcan.

The movie was an immediate box office smash — and was the sixth highest-grossing film of 1982 — and is still considered the best of the original movies by many critics and fans alike. The movie is the first time the time is established for the Trek universe, setting it in the 23rd century.

The Fathom Events screenings will be September 10 and 13, and will be a digitally remastered director’s cut. It will also have a newly produced in-depth interview with Shatner before the movie. For a complete list of participating theatres and the chance to buy tickets, visit the Fathom Events website.