Podcast Review: Ending the ‘Dinner Party’

In honor of its ending, I review the cultural arts podcast ‘The Dinner Party Download’.

Podcast Review: ‘Fish’ is the Ultimate Edutainment Experience

Learn odd new facts with this podcast from the researchers behind the quiz show QI.

G33K Out: PaleyFest 2016, part 1 – ‘Son of Zorn’ and ‘The Exorcist’ Review

I do a mini-review of the first episodes of ‘Son of Zorn’ and ‘The Exorcist’ in a special video version of G33K Out.

Podcast Review: ‘Thrilling Adventure Hour’ is as Awesome as it Sounds

Radio comedy for the new millennium.

Podcast Review: The Reduced Shakespeare Company

Whether you like Shakespeare or not, if you are a theatre nerd, you’ll love the podcast from the OTHER RSC.

Podcast Episode 6: Reviewing

We switch to single topics on this episode of Stage Savvy, covering reviewing.

Two Short Website Recommendations

Two short website recommendations from prior issues of ‘KC Stage’.