G33K Out: ‘Self/Less’: Is Immortality Possible? Asking Charles Higgins


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Episode 9: Self/Less: Is Immortality Possible? Asking Charles Higgins

The movie Self/Less, set to be released July 10, is about the ultimate method of immortality: Damian (Ben Kinglsey) is a wealthy man who, when told he is dying, decides to transfer his consciousness into a younger body (Ryan Reynolds). But as with all such deals, there is more at the heart of the project than is realized.

I did a phone interview with neuroscientist Charles Higgins to talk about some of the science that the movie is based on, as well as what makes us individuals, what differs us from machines, and how close the science gets in the movie. (Running time: 11 minutes, 40 seconds.)

Photo courtesy Endgame Entertainment.

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