TV Review: ‘The Good Place’ Gives You the Good Shirt


The Good Place, season 1 & 2 (up until episode 7, “Derek”). Series created by Michael Schur. Produced by Universal Television, and broadcast on NBC. Pilot released September 19, 2016, and airs Thursdays, 8:30 / 7:30 pm CST.

I had heard about The Good Place when it first premiered. A somewhat fan of Kristen Bell (thanks to Veronica Mars and Frozen), and intrigued that Ted Danson had returned to the world of sitcoms, it was relegated to my ‘when I invent the 48-hour day’ list of media for the longest time (i.e., Items that I want to watch/read/listen to, but just don’t have the time for.)

But I kept hearing about it. Read more at F-BOM.

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