Zombie Short ‘Cargo’ To Be Full Length With Martin Freeman


Note: this article was also published on SciFi4Me.com.

Back in 2013, the short film “Cargo” was a viral sensation, and became a finalist for Tropfest Australia. Directed by Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke, the seven minute short has no dialogue, and follows the tale of a father with his baby, surviving the zombie apocalypse. As the film progresses, it becomes obvious that the father has been infected — and he does everything he can to protect his child, not only from the world but from himself. It’s a heartbreaking tale that ranks right up there with the trailer for the first Dead Island video game.

The directors are currently in production of the feature-length version, and will be their first full length. Back in May, The Hollywood Reporter announced the casting of Martin Freeman as the main character, Andy. The film will also star David Gulpilil, Anthony Hayes, and Susie Porter.

In an interview with Inquisitr, Freeman is noted as saying the reason he was drawn to the role was because of the implied environmental themes.

The goal is to have the movie debut at Cannes, with a cinematic release in 2017. The short, shown below, has gotten close to 12 million views on YouTube.