Why Do You Love Theatre?


{Image courtesy Pixabay and used under a CC0 Public Domain license.}

As you may have heard, I’m coordinating the Free Night of Theater program for the Kansas City area. The goal of the program is to introduce new theatre-goers to the thrill and passion of live performing arts. This is especially needed in today’s economic times, where too many people think the performing arts are ‘just a luxury’ that can be dropped and cut from government budgets and their own entertainment choices.

So, I need your help. If you have access to a web cam, flip cam, or other type of video camera, I’m looking for video testimonials as to why people love the theatre and other performing arts. I’d prefer 30 seconds or less, getting at the core reason. They don’t have to be pretty — they just have to be passionate and/or funny (or both!).

Send all videos to me before the end of August or upload it yourself and send us the link! Videos must be wmv, avi, mov, or mpg format, 100 MB maximum size in order to be uploaded to the KC Stage YouTube channel.

Be a theatre missionary, and spread the word as to your love and passion for this entertainment option!

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