Who You Gonna Call? SciFi4Chicks Takes On ‘Ghostbusters’


(Note: not my article or podcast – I just participated in it.)

In this episode, the Chicks – and Jeff! – turn their attention to that most confusingly reviled summer remake, Ghostbusters. Spanning from analysis of how “cosplay-ish” the trailer felt to what downright just worked in this film, every angle is dissected. Did it live up to our fond memories of the original 80’s classic? Or are our childhoods legitimately ruined and our psyches irrevocably damaged? How did the media’s treatment of every tiny reveal, from the original announcement to the opening weekend, help or hinder? Everything is on the table and nothing is safe – except Mike Hat, the anxiety dog.

Read the rest of the description and hear the full podcast over at SciFi4Me.com.