TV Recap: We Come Back to ‘The X-Files’


The X-Filesrevival/season 10, episode 1, “My Struggle”. Written and directed by Chris Carter. Copyright 2016: seen via screener on January 9, 2016 (broadcast date January 24, 2016).

When The X-Files first premiered in 1993, I wasn’t interested. The television landscape had been recently filled with ‘true life’ documentaries that were supposedly stories of aliens and government conspiracies that were so obviously fake as to be laughable, and I had thought this was just another show jumping on the bandwagon.

I don’t remember what changed my mind or made me realize it was intentionally fictional, but when I did watch originally, it was on a scattered basis. This was, of course, back when if you didn’t catch it on the network (or record it on your trusty VCR), you were out of luck until reruns or until you could shell out the cash to buy the (individual) episodes on VHS when they were released. I enjoyed the show, but it wasn’t until later in the series that I became a fan: even to the point of following The Lone Gunmen onto their (unfortunately not so wonderful) spin-off show and continuing to watch despite Duchovny’s somewhat leaving of the show during season 8 and the attempt to rebrand it with Agents Doggett and Reyes for season 9. A couple of years ago, I noticed the show was on Netflix, and binged through the series, falling back in love with the show and the stories it told.