Theatre Review: “It’s a Story as Old as Time”


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“How the West was Warped”, written, directed, and produced by CrossCurrents (part of the KC Fringe Festival). First produced 2011. (Seen July 22, 2011.)

“How the West Was Warped” is labeled as a fundraiser for KKFI 90.1 FM, and is a series of 11 bits (3 song parodies, the rest sketches) that feels like a community talent show being done for the fun of it.

As a result, the show is a little rough around the edges and most of the skits are a little too long for the humor within.

The show started off with its strongest bit, a parody of “Ya Got Trouble” from The Music Man, but instead of pool tables, it’s about the evils of evolution being taught in our classes. “Is there a litmus stain on his finger?” — one of the signs that your child may indeed be a believer of science and evolution. David Lawrence did a good job with the Harold Hill impersonation, although he lost his place a couple of times. There was also potential in his other song, “Cavalry Song”, but probably should have been run a few more times to get the rhythm and cadence down.

Most of the times, the actors were too aware of the audience, almost giving a ‘I just did a joke’ look as they awaited for the laughter. And the skits themselves probably could have been a bit tighter and run a few more times.

Spencer Carney was probably my favorite performer, shining in each of his parts — his face with a quality akin to the kid who plays Kurt on Glee.

The pit band, comprised of Dorian Clause on drums, Jean Pasqualini on electric guitar, Seth Galusha on saxophone, and Brandon Butler on keyboard, did a fine job playing throughout.

I went to the show because I wanted to support KKFI, and I really wanted to like it. It had some good bits in it, but for the most part was just a bit too rough for my tastes.

“How the West Was Warped” continues for four more performances, and tickets are $10. For more information, visit the KC Fringe Festival website.

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