G33K Out: WonderCon 2016 – Streaming Success Panel

I talked to some of the panelists of “Streaming Success” at WonderCon 2016 about some of the behind the scenes elements.

‘Man at Arms’ Coming to the El Rey Network

Geeky weapons become real on ‘Man at Arms’ – and is coming to the El Rey Network.

G33K Out: WonderCon 2016 – High Scorers Panel

I had the chance to interview some video game music composers at the 2016 WonderCon.

‘Quantum Leap’ DVD/Blu-ray Release

Oh, boy! ‘Quantum Leap’ is set for a new re-release on DVD and a brand new release on Blu-ray.

TV Review: Looking back at ‘Leverage’ – Let’s Go Steal Us a TV Show

Let’s go steal us a fandom. I revisit the television show ‘Leverage’.

TV Review: ‘Six Thatchers’ Needs a Deeper Look

“Sherlock” returns, with an episode that (hopefully) isn’t all that it seems. (SPOILERS & SPECULATION)

Jet Propulsion Laboratory Celebrates 80 Years with Free 2017 Calendar

Bring in the new year with a space calendar celebrating JPL’s 80th anniversary.