Goals For 2011 and Beyond


{Header image courtesy Pixabay and used under a CC Public Domain license.}

Following my year in review (both for KC Stage and my personal one), the next obvious step is to go over my list of goals for 2011 (beyond the obvious of me finding a full-time job).

Last year, I saw a total of 25 productions. I’m hoping to surpass that this year and at least get into the mid-30s, and I also hope that at least 5 of those productions are either types of shows I’m not very familiar with (i.e., opera or dance) or a show that I wouldn’t normally attend as an audience member in order to broaden my expertise as a reviewer. I also want to spread out those 25, and want to try to attend at least one production every month. Finally, I want to continue to develop my style as a reviewer, and try new things as I write the reviews of the shows I attend.

Setting up a mock rehearsal at A Noise Within in Los Angeles. Photo by Angie Fiedler Sutton.

I wrote 9 articles for KC Stage in 2010 — most of them spotlights. I hope to write 12 this year, and branch out to general news-type stories. I like spotlights — don’t get me wrong. I’m just trying to expand into an area I’m not as comfortable with (and hey — my first article of 2011 will be a spotlight for February’s issue).

My other theatre-related goals for 2011 include continuing the KC Stage Live! and “A Conversation With” events I started last year, and to get the podcast I recorded in December to go at least six episodes (Podcasting for Dummies writes that it takes about five episodes to decide what the podcast style is and whether you think you’ll be able to continue it). I think I may take a break from actually being involved in a show this year, although I might direct a one-act if an opportunity comes up that interests me. I also want to learn more about WordPress as a content management tool, and website end-user tools such as PhP, CSS, etc.

I hope to purchase either a flip cam or a cell phone with a decent (in terms of posting on the web) video camera in it, and continue my video series I started for KC Stage of “Why Do You Do What You Do?” (You can see the first one on KC Stage’s YouTube channel.)

A Flip camera. Photo by Intel Free Press and used under a Creative Commons Attribution license, via their Flickr.

I do have a negative KC Stage goal this year: I will not donate any of my ad credit I get for being a volunteer with KC Stage. Over the years, as I’ve attempted to help out organizations with their marketing and publicity efforts, I have graciously offered up advertising credit with the magazine (sometimes a 1/4 page for multiple months, a value close to $1,000 — a 1/4 page ad is $270 per month) — only to have it be treated like it’s virtually worthless time and time again. When I turn around and ask for something such as free tickets (or something similar), I’m told the organization can’t afford to do that (because KC Stage can afford offering up free advertising, apparently). Now don’t get me wrong — my offer of ad credit is not considered an offer only if I get something in return, and usually I try not to ask for anything. And not every organization I’ve offered this to has done this. But it frustrates me that these organizations seem to not realize KC Stage needs to make money just as they do, and the ad I’m donating should be considered the same as if I donated the same in cash.

Finally, while I did read 23 books, only 3 were non-fiction: in my efforts to improve myself, I hope to increase that number this year and will be focusing on non-fiction books that can help my goals of marketing, writing, and professional development.

This doesn’t include my personal financial and health goals of the year, but I do have those as well. So, now onto you: what are your goals for 2011? Feel free to comment on this post.